Laminate Flooring and Installation

Learn about laminate flooring and installation with Aladdin Carpet & Floors, a trusted Maryland remodeling company. Browse through questions on laminate flooring use, manufacturers and more. Aladdin Carpet offers free in-home estimates, so get started on your new laminate floors today!

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is made of several different materials put together with a fiberboard underneath to act as a moisture barrier. It is an extremely durable option, as well. Depending on the price point, laminate floors can vary in quality and features, such as Restoration by Mannington, a waterproof laminate floor.

What laminate flooring manufacturers does Aladdin Carpet & Floors carry?

Shaw and Mannington are among the best laminate brands in the industry. Aladdin Carpet & Floors carries both!

Does laminate flooring require underlayment?

Yes! Laminate flooring requires underlayment to be installed. Most laminate floors come with underlayment already attached to ease installation.

How does laminate compare to real hardwood?

Laminate floors are often compared to hardwood and every year, it gets better. When considering aesthetics, higher priced laminate floors look extremely similar to real hardwood, while maintaining your budget. For homes with pets and children, laminate flooring can also prove to be a better option durability-wise as it is resistant to stains and scratches.

How long does laminate flooring last?

With effort and maintenance, laminate flooring can last anywhere from 10-25 years. Thankfully, laminate flooring is an easy floor to clean, only requiring a damp mop/dry cloth or laminate floor cleaner.

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