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Learn about tile flooring and installation with Aladdin Carpet & Floors, a trusted Maryland remodeling company. Browse through questions on ceramic tile, porcelain tile, tile styles and more. Aladdin Carpet offers free in home estimates, so get started on your new tile floors today!

Which is better: ceramic or porcelain tile?

Porcelain and ceramic tile are great options for your home. Both are composed of the same material but their finishing process is what differentiates them. In simple terms, porcelain is fired at a much higher temperature than ceramic is and thus, making the material far more dense and water resilient. Porcelain tile tends to be more versatile, as well, allowing installation on both wall or floor applications. Ceramic tile typically have a specific grade on either wall or floor use.

What tile manufacturers do Aladdin Carpet & Floors carry?

Aladdin Carpet & Floors carries the best brands in tile manufacturing, including but not limited to Villeroy & Boch, Lea Ceramiche, Novabell, Unique Building Concepts, and Bati Orient.

What are the different tile patterns?

Contrary to some belief, tile floors can be laid in a variety of patterns, not just straight. There are countless layouts you can make by mixing different patterns, sizes, and colors, here are some of the most popular.

Stack Bond Tile Layout

Stack Bond

Subway Tile Layout


Diagonal Tile Layout


Random Plank Tile Layout

Random Plank

Basket Weave #1 Tile Layout

Basket weave #1

Basket Weave #2 Tile Layout

Basket weave #2

Windmill Tile Layout


Herringbone Tile Layout


What are the different tile styles?

In recent years, tile styles have changed greatly! There is no need to stick with solid colors anymore, if that’s not your style. Nowadays, you can choose from wood-look tile, natural stone look tile and more.



Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Glass Tile

Glass Tile

Modern Tile

Modern Tile

Will the tile in the showroom/sample exactly match what’s being installed in my home?

Due to the material used in tile floors, there is no way to guarantee any tile will match the next. In some ways, that’s the best feature when it comes to tile floors: variety! Most likely, the showroom or sample tile will not perfectly match what is installed in your home but it will come very close in both shade and pattern. Also, depending on the lighting, tile shades may differ greatly.

What is the best grout for tile floors?

Aladdin Carpet & Floors exclusively uses Bostik Trucolor and Dimension Urethane-Based grout. So should you! Aladdin Carpet recommends Bostik for tile projects because it’s not only pre-mixed for color consistency but it also has stain, crack and mold resistance.

Bostik Trucolor 

Bostik Trucolor

Bostik Dimension Urethane Grout

Bostik Dimension

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