All About Carpet and Carpet Installation

Learn about carpet and carpet installation with Aladdin Carpet & Floors, a trusted Maryland remodeling company. Browse through questions on carpet styles, carpet fibers, carpet manufacturers and more. Aladdin Carpet offers free in home estimates, so get started on your new carpet floors today!

What styles of carpet are there?

Carpet comes in four distinct styles: berber/loop, plush, frieze and patterned.

Berber/Loop Carpet


Plush Carpet


Frieze Carpet


Patterned Carpet



What carpet fiber is the best for me?

That depends on what you’re looking for. Carpet is made of different types of fiber.


Nylon, the most popular type, is stain resistant and does well with dirt cover-up. This is ideal for a home with kids and pets.


Polyester, a hypoallergenic fiber, is also stain/fade resistant and can be derived from recyclable materials. Installing polyester carpet is a typical practice in rental units.


Olefin tends to have limited color selection and may be less resilient (crushed) but it does protect against sunlight, bleach and stains.


For a truly high- end experience, consider wool as a carpet fiber type. Not only is wool hypoallergenic, it also has air purification and anti-dust mite properties.

What is carpet padding? Why is it so important?

As a shock absorber, a good padding will retain the look of the carpet for many years. Rebond, foam, urethane, rubber and jute are all different types of padding. Generally, the higher the weight and the more dense the padding is, the better the end-user experience. Aladdin Carpet & Floors offers 5 different carpet padding options: Stainmaster UltraLife Premium Rubber padding, Stainmaster ExtraLife Rebond padding, Shaw Victorious padding, 7/16 Joy 8lb padding, and 7/16 Polo 6lb padding. Our best seller is Stainmaster UltraLife padding, proving to be the best with outstanding performance and exceptional warranties!

Stainmaster Premium Ultralife Padding

Stainmaster Premium Ultralife 21lb

Shaw Victorious Carpet Padding

Shaw Victorious 10lb

Stainmaster Extralife Carpet Padding

Stainmaster Extralife 8lb

Joy Carpet Padding

Joy 8lb

Polo Carpet Padding

Polo 6lb

*Due to current VOC restrictions in Washington, D.C., rebond carpet padding cannot be installed for any flooring remodels. Don't worry! We understand our client's wants and budgets, so we offer a variety of cost-effective and high-end carpet padding, as detailed above.


What carpet manufacturers does Aladdin Carpet carry?

Stainmaster, Shaw, Karastan, and Mohawk are among the best known brand names for carpet. We have a large selection of these and many other brands in our showrooms, visit us for more details.


Why install Stainmaster carpet floors with Aladdin Carpet?

Aladdin Carpet is a Stainmaster Flooring Center showroom, selected based on our high-standard business practices and quality.We offer exclusive Stainmaster products, services, and warranties. This includes the coveted Platinum Collection carpet with a Platinum promise: if your Platinum Collection carpet becomes permanently stained, it will be replaced. No other retailer offers you this promise.


Is there a stain-proof carpet?

There’s stain-resistant carpet but not anything truly stain proof. As a Stainmaster Floor Center, Aladdin Carpet & Floors has the unique ability to offer Stainmaster carpets with the various manufacturer/fiber-based replacement warranties. For homes with children and pets, this is for you! Let Aladdin Carpet know if you’d like more information on carpet selection.

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