Carpet Remnants

Learn about carpet remnants with Aladdin Carpet & Floors, a trusted Maryland remodeling company. Browse through questions on how and why to purchase carpet remnants for your flooring installation. Stop by our Rockville showroom today!

What is a carpet remnant?

Carpet remnants are leftover carpet pieces from large-order rolls. They are sold at a heavily discounted price.

Can carpet remnants be cut?

Yes, of course! Aladdin Carpet & Floors can cut carpet remnants to your preferred size.

Do remnants carry the same warranty as special order carpet?

Generally, carpet remnants are not sold with the same warranty as special order carpet. This is due to their discounted price, up to 70-80% off retail. No worries, though! Aladdin Carpet & Floors only offers first quality remnants, meaning there were no defects with the original carpet.

Why purchase carpet remnants?

Carpet remnants offer a unique opportunity to purchase high quality carpet with a cheap price tag, great for those on a budget.

How do I select carpet remnants at Aladdin Carpet & Floors?

To select and purchase carpet remnants, simply stop by Aladdin Carpet’s Rockville warehouse. There are hundreds of remnants to choose from, something to fit every project!

Carpet Remnant Selection
Masland carpet 9587 Dorado Fence Post 12' x 10' 8"
Product ID: C-44279
Sale: $129.00 Original: $430.00
Masland Carpet 9629z Sideshow Advocate 12' x 11.10'
Product ID: C-44281
Sale: $138.95 Original: $397.00
Masland Carpet 9838 954 12' x 18'
Product ID: C-36559
Sale: $349.95 Original: $1,099.00
Masland Carpet 9838 Reggae 564 Thatch 12' x 12'
Product ID: C-38919
Sale: $669.30 Original: $1,912.32
Masland carpet Mandarin Beige 14' x 11'
Product ID: C-37211
Sale: $199.00 Original: $599.99
Masland Carpet Miami Glade 12' x 10'
Product ID: C-37205
Sale: $159.99 Original: $479.00
Masland Carpet Pebbletex Yellowston 12'x 12'
Product ID: C-32496
Sale: $189.95 Original: $599.99
Masland Carpet Treillage Trumpet Vi 12' x 7'
Product ID: C-37197
Sale: $149.99 Original: $999.00
Mohawk Agave 29727 12' x 15'
Product ID: C-29537
Sale: $369.89 Original: $1,199.00
Mohawk Carpet Simply Owsom 2 662 Jungl 12' x 27'
Product ID: C-36565
Sale: $329.99 Original: $2,470.50
Mohawk Granham Par 696 Etrnal 12' x 12'
Product ID: C-30239
Sale: $189.79 Original: $599.99
Mohawk Grosveno RL501 29543 12' x 12'
Product ID: C-29538
Sale: $395.99 Original: $1,299.00
Phenix ST143 Groveland Duster 10' x 8'
Product ID: c-44832
Call for price
Shaw Bandon Dunes 541 Grey 12' x 10.5"
Product ID: c-45308
Call for price
Shaw Carpet 4D986 700 12' x 9'
Product ID: C-38020
Sale: $99.95 Original: $712.80
Shaw Carpet 787DF Del Carlo Lagoon 10' x 10'
Product ID: C-44028
Sale: $299.95 Original: $920.00
Shaw Carpet Cavalier 2 Brown 12' x 17'
Product ID: C-41884
Sale: $199.95 Original: $836.40